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Trans Americans Honored in First Ever ‘Trans 100’

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Transgender Americans are being honored as part of the first ever Trans 100.

Through a parternship between the groups We Happy Trans and This is H.O.W., the Trans 100 acknowledges the breadth and diversity of work being done in, by and for the transgender community across the country. The list, which is sponsored by GLAAD and Chicago House, is the first effort of its kind.

Jen Richards is the Founder of We Happy Trans and co-director of the Trans 100. She tells OutQ News that the project has already increased the visibility of the many transgender people working hard within the L-G-B-T community.

RICHARDS: “Even if someone just saw a headline and a few of the faces, it’s already had that impact. It’s already told them ‘Wow.’ This is just a sampling of how many people are doing this kind of work.”

Richards says that many people on the list were extremely honored to be included.
RICHARDS: “This work isn’t normally recognized. These are people who are working in community centers or are running their own little groups and they’re working with at-risk populations. They do it because they feel called to.”
Richards says this is just the beginning. They will be launching a Trans 100 website and talking more about the people included on the list in the coming months. And of course, they want to make more lists in the future.
– Molly Ward

Written by OutQ News staff

April 10, 2013 at 2:20 PM

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