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HRC Launches ‘Health and Aging Program’ to Help Seniors

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The nation’s largest LGBT rights group is expanding its reach into the areas of health and senior care.

The Human Rights Campaign announced Wednesday that its educational arm has created a new ‘Health and Aging Program’ designed to address the concerns of ALL LGBT Americans, especially elders.

LGBT health expert Shane Snowdon is leading the initiative. She is best known for starting the renowned Center for LGBT Health and Equity back in 1998.

Snowdon tells OutQ News there’s just been “an explosion” of issues facing LGBT seniors, namely discrimination within the healthcare system.

SNOWDON: What is going on for, especially, the first generation of ‘out’ LGBT elder baby-boomers? We have this huge cohort of baby-boomers, many of whom took the risk of being the first people to come out in this country; they’re now confronting senior services and what they’re experiencing is not necessarily good.

Snowdon says the ‘Health and Aging Program’ will include an updated version of HRC’s signature Healthcare Equality Index, which will now rate the LGBT-friendliness of both hospitals and nursing care facilites. It will then provide free cultural training for participating social services providers.

HRC will also launch a corresponding website featuring resources for prospective LGBT patients.


Written by Xorje Olivares

September 14, 2012 at 10:45 AM

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