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GOP Convention wraps up with LGBTs hopeful

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LGBT Republicans say they are proud of their contributions to this year’s national convention in Tampa.

Romney: “I accept your nomination for President of the United States”

And with that proclamation, the balloons dropped and Republicans of all persuasions packed up and headed home on Friday.

The two leading gay groups, Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud, say they are pleased with their contributions to advancing LGBT exposure and influence within the party. But only GOProud has so far officially announced its endorsement of the Romney-Ryan ticket.

Former House Republican Mark Foley attended some events, six years after coming out and resigning due to allegations he sent sexually explicit test messages to underage male pages.

Foley: “Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud are both doing yeomen’s work trying to convince a very skeptical party, and I want to prove to people in this country that most Republicans are not who they may they think we are based on issue of gay rights.”

And out former GOP presidential candidate Fred Karger says the party is beginning to advance on LGBT rights, and he’s sticking with it to work for further acceptance and inclusion.

Karger: “The Republican Party I grew up with, and, historically, has led the way in civil rights, going back to 1954.”

And efforts by gay and lesbian Republicans to break the party’s taboo against them may be bearing results.

Billionaire industrialist David Koch, who, with his brother Charles, has steered millions into the GOP and other conservative causes, now says he supports marriage equality.

The head of the country’s second-largest privately owned company told Politico here in Tampa on Thursday that he believes “in gay marriage.” He added that he disagrees with Mitt Romney’s opposition to it.

This could possibly be a sign that those who really guide the party may be VERY slowly moving toward the same perspective that has led many Conservatives in the United Kingdom to embrace LGBT rights, and even work to enshrine marriage equality into law there.

–Steve Newman at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida


Written by OutQ News staff

August 31, 2012 at 3:51 PM

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