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Latino Groups to Launch Pro-Gay Family Education Project

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Nearly two dozen Latino organizations are coming together to start a new campaign designed to encourage Hispanic families to embrace their LGBT loved ones.

“Familia es Familia” or “Family is Family” is a public-education project funded by the national group Freedom to Marry that will provide bilingual training and resources to affiliated groups seeking full equality. It will also make an effort to educate the Latino community on LGBT issues through various media platforms.

The campaign officially launched Sunday at the annual conference for the National Council of La Raza in Las Vegas. NCLR was the first Latino civil rights group to endorse same-sex marriage, followed by the League of United Latin American Citizens–or LULAC–last week. Both groups are founding partners of the “Familia es Familia” campaign.

Ingrid Duran of the D.C.-based public relations firm D&P Creative Strategies says they knew that in order to “access the [Latino] community in a meaningful way,” they had to focus on the family.

DURAN: It really is about debunking the stereotypes that exist that the Latino community is very conservative and not typically supportive of Latino LGBT issues.

Duran adds that numerous surveys now show that Latinos widely accept members of the LGBT community and their fight for equality. She says the reception to the new campaign has so far been “very positive.”

For more information about the initiative, you can visit


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