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GLAAD Teams With Athlete Ally for Pro Team Training

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Gay media watchdog GLAAD is teaming up with a straight ally, athlete Hudson Taylor, to offer LGBT ally training to ALL 141 major league teams in U.S. sports.

Taylor tells OutQ News that he’s excited by the potential of the project, which he says has NEVER been done before. It seeks to educate teams on the importance of allyship and empower them to combat homophobia.

The three-time All-American college wrestler and founder of Athlete Ally says the idea originated at the first-ever LGBT sports summit hosted by Nike earlier this month. The event brought dozens of groups together to address ongoing LGBT biases in the sports world.

Taylor says he believes athletes will continue to utter homophobic slurs until advocates form a dialogue with them about the importance of inclusion.

TAYLOR: When we make it about individual people speaking out and taking a stand, I think there’s a lot more at stake. But when you open it up to teams and to organizations, and you allow people to participate in something collectively, I think there’s very little risk involved.

Taylor says while he’d love to plane-hop and meet with as many teams as possible, the project will rely on the help of volunteers.

The collegiate wrestling coach adds that he thinks sports teams are at a place now where they’re interested in combating LGBT discrimination. In fact, he says a few Major League Baseball teams have expressed interest in the project.

TAYLOR: The thing about the athletic community is we are a competitive group of people. So as soon as you have one team join in, I think it’ll become a lot easier to advocate to other teams.

Taylor says he’s optimistic that teams will come forward to make sports safer and more respectful for their LGBT peers.


Written by Xorje Olivares

June 20, 2012 at 8:45 AM

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