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2 NJ School Districts Sued for Failing to Stop Bullying

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Two New Jersey school districts are facing separate federal lawsuits accusing administrators of failing to stop the bullying of two young students.

The first complaint revolves around a Pine Lake Elementary School student identified as C.O.

According to Courthouse News Service, that lawsuit alleges that C.O. would come home each day bruised and crying after a day of bullying. The boy said he was repeatedly called “gay,” “fag,” and “girl” by his peers and was the subject of constant ridicule.

Despite conversations with several school officials, C.O.’s parents say the anti-gay bullying continued. So they removed their son from the Wayne Public School District and enrolled him in a new school, where they say he flourished. They’re now seeking punitive damages.

Meanwhile, Anthony and Robin K. say THEIR son–identified as M.K.–suffered an emotional breakdown that required hospitalization because of bullying at his middle school in Branchburg. One incident included M.K. getting “choked almost to the point of unconsciousness” on a school bus, which the parents say they reported to their son’s vice principal.

The child was soon diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. A medical report said the mental illness was caused by “multiple incidents of bullying” and accused the Branchburg School District of neglecting to address M.K.’s situation.

But the legal complaint says the district responded by filing truancy charges against M.K., claiming he purposefully missed school. It even reported the boy’s parents to family services. The parents are now seeking compensatory and punitive damages.

Neither the Wayne nor Branchburg school districts immediately responded to OutQ’s request for comment.


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