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SoulForce Embarks on Fifth ‘Equality Ride’

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Gay rights activists looking to free members of the LGBT community from “religious and political oppression” are taking their message of inclusion and acceptance on the road for another cross-country ‘Equality Ride.’

The non-violence advocacy group SoulForce has embarked on its FIFTH national bus tour since launching the two-month trip in 2006. This year, 17 people ages 19 to 31 are traveling to about a dozen U.S. cities and visiting faith-based college campuses to discuss what they consider to be homophobic policies.

The ride’s co-director J. Mason tells OutQ News that their mission is to reach out to students affected by these anti-gay measures and to work with schools on initiating changes.

MASON: A part of our goal is to begin working with these institutions and creating these places of more positive and affirming policies and structure, but also cultivating LGBTQA activists that not everyone has the opportunity to get the kind of training that is able to happen when they’re able to do national organizing as part of a two-month journey like this.

Mason says EACH school on this year’s route was informed of the trip beforehand, adding that more have accepted their invitation to start a dialogue than ever before.

Though there are some schools that have NOT responded to SoulForce’s request, Mason says they will still advocate for change on their premises, thus placing the activists at risk of arrest for trespassing. Mason says while there isn’t a NEED for “civil disobedience” this year, they will still utilize it.

The organizer notes that of the 70 schools they have visited in the past six years, about a handful have already taken steps to amend their anti-gay policies.

The group is now on their way to Oklahoma City with San Francisco as their final destination.


Written by Xorje Olivares

March 26, 2012 at 7:45 AM

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