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Italian Singer Reworks Marriage Anthem for Gays in New Video

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Gay marriage supporters in Italy have remade the video for a popular song, transforming it into a pro-gay marriage anthem. The video has gone viral on the Internet.

The single “Ti Sposero” or “I will marry you” was a huge hit in 2002 for the singer-songwriter Jovanotti.

In the sweet song, he sang about never tiring of taking you by the hand on a sunny day and telling you that I love you. The Italian LGBT advocacy group Arcigay has released a new high-production-value video for the song celebrating same-sex marriage. Like an Australian marriage equality video that recently went viral, this one opens with two attractive Italian men kissing and follows their courtship, engagement and marriage before a backdrop of supportive friends and family. At their wedding a lesbian couple become engaged. The actors are Arcigay volunteers. The artist Jovanotti said he immediately granted the organization rights to use the song seeing the video. He said on his Facebook page “Viva l’amore” – or long live love!

Same sex couples, however, get little love under Italian laws. The government, long influenced by the Vatican, has refused to pass laws granting civil union, marriage or adoption rights to same-sex couples. A European gay rights association recently ranked Italy as one of the least “gay-friendly” European countries behind only Cipro.

-Nancy Greenleese


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February 15, 2012 at 4:45 PM

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