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Elizabeth Warren Shores Up MA Gay Support w/ Blog Post

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U-S Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren outlined the specifics of her commitment to LGBT rights in blog post Thursday. The statement came in response to earlier criticism that her views on gay rights were not easy to find in the public record.

In early December, blogger Laurel Ramseyer noted on the progressive site Blue Mass Group that all of Warren’s opponents for U-S Senator from Massachusetts, including Republican Scott Brown, had said something on their website or in the media outlining their stance on LGBT issues.

Ramseyer called Warren a “superstar of consumer advocacy” whose polling numbers in some cases put her ahead of incumbent Senator Brown. Ramseyer wrote, “That Warren could become such a solid candidate in Massachusetts without first outlining her views on civil rights is disturbing.”

Almost immediately, Warren spokesman Kyle Sullivan wrote to Ramseyer to say that “from hearing Warren speak” he knew she supported a range of gay issues, which he listed. And he promised a more detailed and formal response soon.

Well, “soon” is now. In a 460-word blog post on Blue Mass Group itself, signed by the candidate herself, Warren says she supports marriage equality and seeks an end to the Defense of Marriage Act. She writes, “Our federal government should not be in the business of selecting which married couples it supports and which it treats with contempt.”

She supports trans-inclusive ENDA, the federal ban on anti-LGBT discrimination in the workplace; and she notes her own experience as an elementary school teacher in backing safe and supportive, bullying-free schools for gay kids, and those from LGBT families.

In a comment on Warren’s blog entry, Laurel Ramseyer suggests Warren post a summary of her LGBT positions on her campaign website and adds, “well done… Thank You, Elizabeth Warren.”


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