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Exodus Refuses to Comment on Claims of Financial Collapse

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One of the nation’s largest ex-gay groups is refusing to comment on allegations that it is on the brink of collapse due to financial constraints.

A spokesperson for Exodus International tells OutQ News that the organization is “not going to do any interviews on the issue,” which was originally reported on by Ex-Gay Watch. The blog quotes un-named sources claiming that Exodus President Alan Chambers held a meeting last month to talk about possibly re-branding the group to become more “donor accessible” now that funds are reportedly tight. That seems to mean more moderate in its approach.

Ex-Gay Watch notes that aside from dropping more than a million dollars for its headquarters building three years ago, Exodus also burned through $200-thousand in its savings last year. In fact, on its own website, Exodus asks supporters to help the group “pay off the building as soon as possible so that the funds currently budgeted monthly for the loan commitment can go back into vital ministry programs.” Exodus even shows online visitors that such programs and conferences can altogether cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Wayne Besen–founder of the ex-gay watchdog group Truth Wins Out–tells OutQ News that there has been some chatter about the economic meltdown of Exodus International for “quite some time.” But he says there may be a lot of “deep-pocketed individuals” willing to throw the group a “lifeline.”

BESEN: This is far from a done deal. I think that it’s positive, it shows that they’re having trouble with their message, and it shows that less people are buying into it. But I wouldn’t count them out yet–they’re down, but they’re certainly not out.

But Besen says that the “luster is off” the idea of ex-gay ministry as a whole, especially now that more of the movement’s former leaders have come out against it.


Written by Xorje Olivares

November 30, 2011 at 4:57 PM

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