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Signorile to edit HuffPo ‘Gay Voices’

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As if Michelangelo Signorile isn’t busy enough hosting four hours a day, five days a week here on SiriusXM OutQ while maintaining his own blog, The Gist, and feeds on Facebook and Twitter… on Tuesday he started a new job as editor-at-large for the Gay Voices section of the Huffington Post.

Signorile: “So it will be a place for me online, and where I am when I’m not on the show. So I don’t think I’m every really totally–now I REALLY won’t be ever really, totally unplugged.”

On his show Tuesday afternoon, the veteran activist, pundit and journalist said the beauty of the Huffington Post platform is that millions of people read it, and are likely to encounter things in the “Gay Voices” section because of the way they are linked from the site’s front page.

Signorile: “Gay voices is a place for LGBT people to come together on Huffington Post. But because it’s on Huffington Post, this larger network, just like us on here on OutQ on this larger network, so many other people can plug in and be inspired and educated and entertained.”

Signorile says he’ll be starting conversations, not dominating them, with blog entries and news stories that he writes himself, or leading debates that include a diversity of LGBT voices.


Written by Tim Curran

November 24, 2011 at 9:14 AM

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