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TN Trans Woman Takes Off Top to Prove Gender Change

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A transgender woman says she removed her shirt at a public parking lot last month to prove to the state of Tennessee that she is NOT the male that a government agency continues to identify her as.

Andrea Jones tells OutQ News that her local driver’s license office refused to change her gender to female, claiming the applicant had NOT undergone a FULL sex change as required. Jones says she had presented them with both a letter from the Social Security Office and a doctor’s notice that said she no longer had testicles.

But the 32-year-old says officials wanted more proof that her sex reassignment procedure was complete and that she was no longer male. So Jones went outside and did what any man could normally do in public but women CANNOT–she took her top off.

JONES: One thing that I find interesting is, during the course of all this, they had every right to ask me to leave. But they didn’t have the right to tell me what to wear when they told me that I was male, which allowed me to behave in the fashion that I did.

Jones was arrested shortly after for indecent exposure, though her police report listed her as a male.

The Morristown-native spent 21 days in a men’s jail before finally posting bond last Friday. She said it was “not a very pleasant place,” adding that she suffered several instances of physical distress like frequent black-outs.

Jones–who has since been fired from her job–says she is now seeking assistance from local advocacy groups for her upcoming court date. She says she hopes her case will call attention to the “flaws in the way things are set up.”


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  1. Welcome to the American Democratic Communistic legal system where in this case you are male until you can deliver the proof the government wants the way the government wants it. State officials having just sanctioned you male then arresting you for indecent exposure as you would a topless woman really sets the standard. I can see where some people might be offended. So does that now set the standard? Should I be calling the police on any male that has an exposed chest and larger than normal breasts? I love the water, public parks, beaches, water theme parks and I’m here to tell you I’ve see a lot of men with abnormally large breasts. Shouldn’t we have these flashers arrested as well? After all I’m not only offended I’m grossed out. While we’re at it lets arrest all those with an inch of belly fat hanging over their waistband. (you’ve seen them at the beach, parks and pools, you know who I mean). They’re just as offensive.

    One must wonder as this person declared male arrested for female exposure what exactly do we call it? Legally NOT female and without the same rights as a MALE…..I got it! This creature is an “IT”, not male or female. I can only see one advantage for an “IT”, an “IT” is nowhere referred to in any of the tax laws as being required to pay tax’s of any sort. Therefore as an “IT” this creature is not subject to paying any state, local or federal taxes. The down side of this is our federal government will quickly amend the constitution to include “ITS” long before society allows an “IT” to become recognized as a woman. After all “its” all about the money anyway, right?


    November 17, 2011 at 9:27 PM

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