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Study: Gay Men’s Sexual Behaviors More Varied

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A new study examining the sexual behaviors of gay and bi men finds their bedroom habits are more diverse–and less anally focused–than many people might guess.

The study of sexual practices among men who have sex with men–or MSM–is among the first to do so WITHOUT focusing on the risks associated with such activities.

Michael Reece is the director of Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion. He tells OutQ News that he and his colleagues did NOT want to conduct their research within the “context of a disease.”

REECE: So our team is dedicated to really understanding sexual behavior in its entirety, and we believe that the only way we can ever actually deal with sexual health challenges in society is by truly understanding what people do, but not through only a disease-focused lens.

After analyzing online data from about 25,000 men, Reece and his team noticed more than 1300 unique combinations of behaviors during a person’s most recent sexual encounter.

Among the findings is that less than 40-percent of MSM said they recently engaged in anal sex. And of those that did, nearly HALF reported using a condom.

The MOST common behavior among MSM participants was simply kissing on the mouth.

Older men reported higher levels of pleasure, while more than 80-percent of all participants said they had an orgasm, most often with a relationship partner.

Researchers also found that more than 40-percent were sexually-engaged with a person they were dating or committed to. They say that shows that MSM are not necessarily less monogamous than straight couples.

The study appears in next month’s issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine.


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