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EQCA Files Complaint Against ‘Stop SB48’ Organizers

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Gay rights advocates in California say they will file a complaint against the organizers of a campaign seeking to OVERTURN the state’s FAIR Education Act or SB48.

The legislation–signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown in July–requires schools to include the contributions of LGBT Americans in its social studies curriculum. But the “Stop SB48” initiative is hoping to repeal the law through a voter referendum. In fact, anti-gay marriage activist group NOM says the Stop SB48 is “almost there” in its race to collect the just-over-half-a-million signatures required by its October 12th deadline to place the issue on the June 2012 ballot.

But during a phone conference Monday, Equality California officials said that the entities behind “Stop SB48” are in violation of the state’s Political Reform Act. Executive Director Roland Palencia says that Equality California has now filed a complaint with the Fair Political Practices Commission. He says the group wants to stop anti-gay organizers’ “unlawful scheme” to place repeal language on the ballot.

PALENCIA: It is critical that backers of any initiative play by the rules, and it becomes even more critical when that initiative could have a personal impact on so many California citizens.

The gay rights organization says that the Pacific Justice Institute and the Capitol Resource Institute have NOT registered as political committees nor disclosed their finances DESPITE their documented efforts to qualify the voter referendum. Equality California adds that Capitol Resource has not reported the activities of a state lobbyist, which also violates the reform act.

If the two groups are found to be in violation of the reform act, they may be forced to disclose their financial activities or face a fine.


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