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HRC’s State Hate Crime Toolkit Aimed at New Laws

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The Human Rights Campaign has released a “hate crimes toolkit” to help states develop their own laws modeled after the federal Hate Crimes Prevention Act. HRC’s Dan Rafter says the toolkit is targeted at improving hate crimes legislation on the state level and includes data from all 50 states.

RAFTER: Just basically this is a great opportunity for states to either sort of buff up their efforts in this area or get you know, tools, resources and data that they need to sort of, um, tackle hate crimes in their states.

According to a statement released by HRC, the organization will release the tool kit to hate crime coalition allies, key individuals at the Department of Justice and every state-level equality organization. HRC will hold a webinar about how to effectively use the toolkit on October 28th. The guide provides state-specific data on current hate crime laws in every state, identifies where hate crime laws could be stronger and offers feedback about improvements that could be made.

It also offers a model hate crime law and steps that victims of hate crimes can take, as well as frequently asked questions on the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act.

–Zach Wichter


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