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UPDATE: Karger responds to Fox News’s rejection for GOP debate

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Openly gay Republican presidential hopeful Fred Karger says he will file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission if Fox News continues to reject his participation in Thursday’s debate in Ames, Iowa.


UPDATE: Fox News’s Vice President of News, Michael Clemente, issued a statement to OutQ News Wednesday morning:

CLEMENTE: Candidates were told that online polls don’t count. No serious person in polling has ever counted an online poll–which is why they are always labeled ‘not scientific.’ 

OutQ News broke the story last week that the cable news network was denying Karger’s claim that he qualifies for the event. The former G-O-P consultant turned 2012 contender says he has clearly met Fox News’s published requirement of having an average of one percent in at least five national polls, including one just released Tuesday.


But in a statement to OutQ News, Fox News said that three of those polls were online surveys, one was “out of date,” and another did NOT meet its one-percent threshold.

So Karger, along with his attorneys, sent a letter to Fox News Monday demanding “an explanation.” His campaign also launched an online petition that has garnered more than two thousand signatures.

Karger tells OutQ News that he’s ready to take Fox News “to the mat on this” because he feels he deserves to be treated equally.

Karger: And I just want a place on that stage. I believe I’m entitled to it. I’ve been at this for a year and a half, and if not this debate, I will fight and hopefully get in the next one.

Karger will be in Iowa for the rest of the week where he will launch a write-in campaign for the state’s straw poll, which serves as an early indication of a presidential candidate’s political standing. He will also participate in the state fair and other events designed specifically for 2012 hopefuls.

Karger says he will decide whether to file a complaint against Fox News with the FEC by early next week.

Fox News did not immediately respond to our request for comment.


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