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Ex-OutQer Jason Page Comes Out in Sports Talk

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A former OutQ co-host who went back into the professional closet to build a career in sportstalk came out last weekend in that less-welcoming world.

[Includes bonus audio of complete 15 minute interview]

Jason Page was an engineer and sidekick during the early days of the “OutQ in the Morning” show. For the last few years, he’s had is OWN sports talk show on WPOP-AM in Hartford, Connecticut. That is, until the station let him go in January.

Page says his attitude toward being out changed: he no longer answers to a corporation; he’s now 33; and he witnessed and the recent avalanche of broadcast and sports figures coming out, including former Villanova basketball player Will Sheridan, Phoenix Suns GM Rick Welts and ESPN radio host Jared Max.

Page: The time is now in terms of the movement of gays in sports. This is probably the most we’ve seen in terms of people putting themselves out there. If wasn’t going to do it now, when was I going to do it?

Page says he’s “never been more at peace;” that it reminds him of his days being openly gay on the air at OutQ.

Page: I never was happier with what I was contributing as a person in the broadcast world as I was when I was with OutQ. And I knew that by coming out and doing this story I could have that same sort of impact again. I almost felt like I had a responsibility to do it.

Page says one of the responsibilities he feels is to represent the masculine, sports-loving type of gay man, who he says is little seen in the media–even gay media.

Page says ninety percent of the reaction to his coming out Saturday in the Connecticut Post has been positive–including a call he says he got from a regional sports radio station expressing possible interest in his services.

–Tim Curran

Bonus audio:

Complete interview with Jason Page
Former WPOP sports talk personality Jason Page discusses his reasons for coming out, how that may help or harm his chances for finding a new job, the ‘aggressive’ way he came out–possibly burning a few bridges in the process, and the public reaction he’s received since coming out in the pages of the Connecticut Post. (mp3, 14.5MB, 15:25)


Written by Tim Curran

June 8, 2011 at 8:45 AM

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  2. […] .. jack-of-all-trades) and he also worked for OutQ on Sirius/XM Radio where you can listen to an interview with OutQ’s Tim Curran about his coming […]

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