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OK trans prof denied tenure despite faculty backing

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A transgender professor at a small Oklahoma college has been denied tenure by the school’s administration. But university officials continue to ignore faculty appeals to change their minds.

On April 25th, Rachel Tudor received the outstanding scholarship award from her colleagues in the School of Arts and Sciences at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. Now, it looks like her last day on the job will be May 31st. Tudor was denied tenure and promotion, even though she received the recommendation of the faculty at the school in Durant, Oklahoma…

Tudor: “I believe that they’re acting on their own personal bias in my case, being transgender. But this abuse of power often occurs to people who are on the margins. And, uhm, one of the reasons why I’m so motivated to address this injustice is because I believe that if they’re able to, uh, do this to me, they’re able to do it to any of my colleagues.”

Last year the dean and academic vice president denied her tenure and promotion request, but initially failed to provide any rationale for their decisions. And according to Tudor, reasons provided after the situation reached the president’s office were trumped up. But a statement from the school’s communications office says the institution does not discriminate in its employment practices. Tudor says her appeals with the administration are now exhausted, but she may continue her struggle in court.

–Kurt Gwartney in Oklahoma City

Bonus audio:

Prof. Tudor on injustice
Prof. Tudor explains why she felt she had to take her fight for tenure to its conclusion

Prof. Tudor on faculty support
Prof. Tudor describes the stalwart backing she’s received from her colleagues despite the university administration’s decision not to grant tenure.


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May 4, 2011 at 3:00 PM

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