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Fred Karger Gets 1% in First Poll to Name Him

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Openly gay presidential hopeful Fred Karger says he will NOT join fellow Republican 2012 contenders on stage at a national debate in South Carolina this Thursday. But, he says he’ll still be attending.

The former GOP consultant tells OutQ News that event organizers will NOT allow him to participate because he did NOT meet the debate’s requirement that participants draw an average of ONE percent in at least FIVE national polls.

But in what he says is a huge victory for his campaign last week, Karger did hit one percent in the first national poll to include his name, beating — within the margin of error — well-known Republicans like Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie. He also raised the necessary funds through supporter donations.

Karger credits his presence in states like Iowa and New Hampshire as key to raising his national profile.

KARGER: I only have one way to go and that’s up from one percent. But the fact that in a big nation like this where it’s very hard to get known for a first-time candidate, I scored one percent, that there is recognition out there.

Professor Andrew Smith is the director of the University of New Hampshire’s Survey Center. He says while poll numbers may boost a candidate’s standing among the press and fundraisers, at this point they’re NOT indicative with how Americans will ultimately choose to vote.

SMITH: That doesn’t mean that they’re not important in the race–what it means is just that they’re not likely to win anything. Now, the key factor for a lot of these candidates isn’t so much that they think that they’re going to win, it’s a matter of having issues that are important to them discussed during the course of the campaign.

Smith says if Karger CAN make it onto a national stage with other GOP candidates, it will be a “significant accomplishment.”


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