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Defector claims NOM rewarded its ‘propagandists’

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A former member of the National Organization for Marriage is coming out swinging against the anti-gay group, saying it rewards supporters for promoting its political agenda.

Louis Marinelli is on a mission to expose the very organization he helped lead on an anti-gay marriage tour last year.

And it was during that summer event that Marinelli says representatives with the National Organization for Marriage had an idea.

The NOM defector writes on his personal blog that the group thought of assembling a secret online team of “homophobic propagandists.” He says their job is to take over certain duties that NOM doesn’t want to associate itself with, including commenting publicly on news stories that may be of their interest.

For example, Marinelli says that once Elton John publicly changed his view on marriage equality, NOM “naturally…wanted to go after him.” But because the group decided not to “push the story” officially, he says group leaders instructed the Web team to publicize John’s change of heart, that way they could attack the pop icon without leaving a trace. Marinelli says their goal was to show that “the public” was the one upset with his decision.

Now what exactly do these “propagandists” get out of their anonymous support? Well, Marinelli says they’re rewarded with prizes and all-inclusive lunches with leading conservative activists. He says his job was to create a point system to determine such awards. But he adds that most people involved with the secret network DO NOT attend NOM-sponsored events, despite the incentives.

Marinelli says the group is now focused on developing the necessary technology to deploy the online team, with the hopes of keeping them motivated “in the long-term” so there’s “no risk of a leak.”

NOM representatives did not immediately respond to our request for comment on Marinelli’s allegations.

–Xorje Olivares


Written by OutQ News staff

April 15, 2011 at 2:00 PM

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