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Maryland’s Transgender Protections Bill Dies

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The Maryland State Senate voted Monday to send a transgender protections bill back to committee, essentially killing it this year.

The Gender Identity Anti-Discrimination Act–or HB 235–would have prohibited discrimination against trans residents in housing, employment and credit.

Senators ‘recommitted’ the bill to the Judicial Proceedings Committee, where it had just passed on Saturday.

Executive Director of Equality Maryland Morgan Meneses-Sheets tells OutQ News that her group is extremely disappointed with the vote, but says it will work hard to make it a top priority for lawmakers during the next legislative session.

MENESES-SHEETS: “We are so proud of the work we were able to do this session, of the people who did make their voices heard, or the fact that it got out of the House for the first time, that it got out of the Senate committee for the first time. And the need for this bill is not going to go away, and neither are we–we are going to keep up the fight.”

But Meneses-Sheets says she wants to clear up rumors that many LGBT advocates were not fully behind the bill because it did NOT include protections in public accomodations. She says while it was not ideal to make that political compromise, it was needed to take a few crucial steps forward.


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