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Study: LGBT Movement Strong Despite Funding Decline

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A new report shows that groups working toward LGBT equality here in the US are actually showing STRONG signs of financial health despite the poor economy.

The Movement Advancement Project–or MAP–released its “2010 National LGBT Movement Report” earlier this week. It looks at 39 of the nation’s leading LGBT organizations, which make up nearly 70 percent of the budgets of ALL gay advocacy groups.

MAP’s Executive Director Ineke Mushovic says having such data should strengthen both organizations and the overall movement.

MUSHOVIC: “We just need to understand how our movement is faring, how healthy our organizations are, and whether or not we have the resources to continue our progress and continue our journey towards equality.”

The study found that in light of a 20 percent revenue decline from 2008 to 2009, the organizations were “highly adaptive” in dealing with financial strains, particularly by cutting back on certain programs and reducing expenditures.

But, the report also noted that the participating groups’ combined 2009 expenses of about $166 MILLION, was only half of that for the country’s 10 largest ANTI-gay groups. That may be because less than 4 percent of ALL American LGBT adults donated $35 or more to equality organizations.


Written by Xorje Olivares

March 4, 2011 at 7:45 AM

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