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OutQ News “Year in Review: 2010” Live Blog

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(11:23 a.m.) Hello audience!  This is Zach Wichter, one of OutQ’s stringers, and I’m live blogging the Year in Review special from the studio in New York today.  I’d like to wish you all a happy New Year and thank you for following us today.  We’ve got a great show coming up, so get excited!

(12:00 p.m.)  The Week in Review is rolling.  Five minutes to the Year in Review special!

(12:05) The Year in Review has begun!

(12:07) We’ve started off the broadcast talking about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.  It was one of the most significant, visible things that went on in LGBT politics this year.  What are your thoughts on how things went leading up to the repeal, and how things are going since it’s ended?

(12:12) Before the legislative branch had the chance to overturn the policy, a federal judge, Virginia Phillips, tried to lift the ban in courts.  Did you think this was going to be a successful ruling?

(12:16) DADT was eventually repealed by congress.  I was in the airport in Washington, D.C. when the senate vote came in.  Where were you when you found out?

(12:19) Xorje discusses gay adoption in Florida and the Westboro Baptist Church.  I know you have thoughts on this one, so comment below or send us something on twitter!

(12:22) Coming back from the break, Karen Ocamb is discussing all that unfolded with the Prop 8 trial this year.  Tell us what you think about it!

(12:30) More talk of gay marriage across the nation and abroad.  How do you feel about the states and countries that legalized gay marriage before the U.S. federal government?

(12:35) Michael Crawford joins us to discuss the legalization of gay marriage in Washington, D.C.  Did you expect Congress to interfere with this decision?

(12:38) Illinois is on the way to legalizing civil unions for same-sex couples.  Things like this are always more exciting when they happen in a state that you spend a lot of time in, aren’t they?

(12:45) Discussing HIV/AIDS and we’re joined by Bob Roehr.  Drugs, condoms, HIV+ visitors, and all related topics.  Have anything to say?  Let us know!

(12:55) Condoms get the papal stamp of approval for HIV prevention, but homosexual acts do not.  Other denominations are more accepting of gays and lesbians.  Even the Mormon Church softened its anti-gay stance.  What do you think about the intersections of sex, sexuality and religion?

(1:05) Coming back from the break, we’re discussing President Obama’s track record with the LGBT community and other issues related to LGBT politics.  How do you think 2010 went for the community politically?

(1:11) Lisa Keen joins us to discuss LGBT politics in 2010.

(1:20) Coming back from the break, we’re discussing gay-related murders with Duncan Osborne.  What do you think about the “gay panic” defense?

(1:32) OutQ’s first college focus group.  Northwestern University students are participating, hosted by me (Zach Wichter).  Like it?  Love it?  Let us know!

(1:39) Now we’re joined by Constance McMillen.  How amazing is she?

(1:44) Talking about Michigan Assistant Attorney General Andrew Shirvell and his persona cyber bullying of University of Michigan student body president Chris Armstrong.  Shirvell said that Armstrong was a “gay Nazi.”  Is that even possible?  And let’s not forget Clint McCance, the anti-gay school board member from Arkansas.

(1:50) We’ve moved quickly into talking about LGBT youth suicides.  This was a tough year for that topic.  Anything you want to share along these lines?

(1:53) In the words of Dan Savage “It Gets Better.”  What do you think about this viral campaign?

(1:56) We’re joined now by Larry Flick, discussing LGBT people in pop culture.

(2:00) Thanks for listening!  We hope you enjoyed our broadcast.  There will be an encore tomorrow at 1 p.m. eastern if you missed anything.  Have a happy, healthy, safe New Year and we’ll see you in 2011!


Written by OutQ News staff

December 31, 2010 at 11:23 AM

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