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Log Cabin Plans Post-Election Strategy

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The CNN exit polls for Election 2010 indicate that three percent of voters identified as gay, lesbian or bisexual. Of that number – more than two-thirds identified as Democrats – leaving a sizable one-third who identified as Republican.

The power shift in Congress means Log Cabin Republicans will bear a greater responsibility to the LGBT community. Log Cabin’s executive director R. Clarke Cooper – an experienced lobbyist – agrees. Well before the election, Cooper connected with Republican leadership – including Sen. Mitch McConnell and John Boehner – who’s expected to become the new Speaker of the House.

Cooper: “It is incumbent upon Log Cabin Republicans to be a constant reminder to leadership to not have any slippage or any rolling back on any equality measures that have been achieved – and to seek opportunities where the Republican Party just might be able to get something out the door and have a tangible result that would be beneficial to the community.”

Cooper said the first opportunity will come in the lame duck session. He also says he may even have more votes – post-election – to pass a repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell because the Pentagon’s troop survey is expected to yield positive news.

Cooper also joked about the President ordering him to get Republican votes at a recent White House meeting.

Cooper: “I do feel confident – in response to President Obama’s task to me and to Log Cabin – we’ll be able to deliver those votes. Maybe we’ll be able to deliver additional ones now than what were already lined up prior to adjournment.”

The lame duck session will convene in two weeks.

 -Karen Ocamb

Listen to an extended excerpt from Karen Ocamb’s interview with Log Cabin Executive Director R. Clarke Cooper (9:14)


Written by OutQ News staff

November 5, 2010 at 2:45 AM

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