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Head of GetEQUAL offers blogger bounty

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The head of a national LGBT organization this past weekend offered 500-dollars to anyone who could identify a blog commenter she describes as a ‘cyberbully.’

GetEQUAL’s director Robin McGehee says she and several others were tired of being the target of hurtful personal attacks from a commenter named ‘Andrew W.’ She says he has also created a number of aliases from which he writes what she calls ‘sexist’ comments online.

McGehee says she had enough and decided to put a bounty on the unknown writer’s identity, taking to Twitter to offer a reward for the information. She says her query produced results. She’s learned who “Mr. W” really is, where he works, and that he frequently donates to the Republican Party.

McGehee says it’s not that she and her group are thin-skinned about criticism of their political undertakings. But, she says she feels ‘Andrew W.’ has taken it too far, becoming both “vindictive and unethical.”

McGehee: “Look, if you’re going to bully people, if you’re going to try and hold people accountable, then you should also be held accountable yourself and clearly be out there as who you are, instead of hiding behind the veil of an Internet troll and not owning up to your bullying, your cyberbulling.”

McGehee says she feels she has nothing to lose by making the offer. And now that she knows Andrew W’s true identity, she will share the information with all those who ask.

–Xorje Olivares


Written by OutQ News staff

October 15, 2010 at 3:00 PM

4 Responses

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  1. can you post an embeddable audio clip here or on YouTube?


    October 15, 2010 at 3:11 PM

  2. This is just more bizarre behavior from Robin McGehee and GetEQUAL. What does she intend to do with the “information” and who’s next?

    I have asked repeatedly HOW these childish stunts help the LGBT community and Robin does not have an answer – because they don’t help us. In fact, most people understand they are counterproductive.

    The Miami Party had very little media coverage (thankfully) and Robin has said “GetEQUAL is giving the President a message that we’re unhappy.” Why does she think he doesn’t already know that? Presidents are politicians and the ONLY thing they know is “what people think.” Dancing in the streets with signs and megaphones is NOT how they gather that information.

    GetEQUAL has been a waste of $1 million that could have been put to something we know works. When Jonathan Lewis started GetEQUAL he hired Robin and Kip Williams to “embarrass Democrats” (his words) and they initiated their publicity stunts. The strategy is to embarrass, shame, humiliate, irritate or inconvenience people into submission or agreement. That has never been effective in the history of mankind – in fact it simply does the opposite.

    That’s why GetEQUAL’s stunts are counterproductive. They alienate friends and by attacking Democrats they help Republicans. That is juvenile ignorance by any standard.

    I have never made sexist comments or anything akin to “bullying.” That word just popped into Robin’s head simply because it’s been in the news lately. I have never had a single comment deleted by any Blog.

    Robin frequently makes “accountability” the primary purpose of GetEQUAL. She believes you hold a politician accountable by trying to embarrass them. Well, one also has to give some thought to the consequences, too. She ignores that part entirely.

    The real, adult way we hold politicians “accountable” is by replacing them, not yelling at them or attacking their whole team.

    My requests for a reasonable rationale for the antics of GetEQUAL IS about accountability. If those tactics are ineffective and even damaging us (as I believe they are) they should stop. A self-professed “leader” in the lGBT community has a responsibility to do what’s best for the community. Unless she can make some sense of their senseless publicity stunts, we as a community have the responsibility to stop them.

    Robin has had my phone number for 6 months. We have exchanged emails and I have been on conference calls with her. She has yet to explain HOW these stunts help us and even if you discount my observations, by default they should stop. I have even spoken with Board Members, but because they are on “probation” they won’t cross Robin.

    For too many years our movement has been based on “throwing enough shit against the wall and hoping some of it sticks.” We’re better than that. We’re more creative than that. Accountability helps us determine what works and what doesn’t work. It requires an honest, objective analysis with an emphasis on results. So far, all I have seen as a result of GetEQUAL’s stunts is anger within the Democratic party and joy within the Republican party. That’s backwards.

    Finally, I think Robin’s childish offer of reward money for personal information on an anonymous commenter could have a chilling effect on participation. I think our community has benefited from the ability of individuals to freely express themselves online and in important conversations. We need those conversations. Nobody wants to fear “embarrassment” Robin McGehee-style just because they are calling her on her own rhetoric: accountability.

    I hope GetEQUAL runs out of money, before we run out of friends.


    October 15, 2010 at 5:27 PM

    • This latest bit from Robin McGehee is just the crazy “frosting” on the crazy “cake.”

      This is what we get for $100,000 a year? Pathetic.

      Scott NYC

      October 22, 2010 at 11:31 AM

  3. I have heard of McGeehee and have seen her work and its results.

    I have never heard of either “Andrew W” nor “Scott NYC” nor seen nor heard any effective work from either of them.

    Brian Miller

    November 18, 2010 at 5:11 PM

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