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Details leak on WH meeting with state LGBT leaders

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The White House continued this month to meet with members of the LGBT community to reassure them that the Obama administration is on their side. It was the biggest meeting to date between the Obama White House and the LGBT community. About 60 leaders from statewide LGBT organizations across the country met with White House officials on August 6th to discuss how the Obama administration is doing on LGBT issues. Accounts of what was said are emerging only now, two weeks later.

Some people who attended or heard about details of the meeting have suggested that the Obama administration’s liaison to the LGBT community conceded “inconsistencies” between what President Obama has said and what he has done on LGBT-related issues. But a White House official familiar with the meeting said the liaison, Brian Bond, did not characterize the president’s record that way and conceded only that the White House understands the LGBT community’s frustrations with how much progress the Obama administration has made.

The official said the White House reached out to leaders of the Equality Federation–a group of statewide LGBT organizations— during their annual meeting in nearby Baltimore, Maryland.

Lisa Keen, Keen News Service


Written by OutQ News staff

August 20, 2010 at 4:00 PM

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