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LGBTs greater risk for lung disease

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The most recent study from the American Lung Association suggests that the LGBT community smokes at a higher rate then the general population, and is at greater risk for lung disease. Anti-smoking advocate Gloria Solis of the American Lung Association said that the issue needs to be taken more seriously by the gay community.

Gloria Solis: “I believe that civil rights and health are both important. It is important that people see tobacco as a social justice issue because it effects the LGBT community at higher rate then average. But as you have seen today it is hard to prove without research, especially when the leaders of the LGBT organizations do not take the issues seriously.”

The study is called “Smoking out a Deadly Threat: Tobacco use in the LGBT communitiy.” The study found that bisexual kids have some of the highest smoking rates in the country. It also said that LGBT men are at least twice as likely to smoke. LGBT women have only slightly lower statistics. The report finds that some contributing factors to the increase in smoking include discrimination related to homophobia, general stress and even the gay club scene. But researchers also pointed to a lack of national survey data based on sexual orientation – and said that in order to draw definite conclusions, more research is needed.


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July 1, 2010 at 4:14 PM

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