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Blogger Mike Rogers: Rep. Kirk (R-IL) is a gay hypocrite

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Gay blogger and activist Mike Rogers says Illinois Republican Congressman and candidate for Senator Mark Kirk is a closeted gay man.

Rogers is best known as the blogger who outed Senator Larry Craig, and one of the subjects of the documentary “Outrage.” He writes on his website that he typically only goes after hypocrites–and that Kirk has actually had a fairly good voting record on gay issues, even better than some Democrats. But last week, Kirk voted against moving forward on repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. That’s when Rogers says the floodgates opened.

Rogers: “Immediately after his vote, people started contacting me who had heard rumors – and in some cases, verifiable sources who had had encounters with Kirk.”

Rogers said two men told him they had had sex with Kirk in college. He says he cannot name either source, but he says both proved that they had gone to school with Kirk–and both provided similar “personal details” about Kirk’s ‘private areas.’

A third source was a casual conversation Rogers says he himself had with Kirk. Rogers says a mutual friend introduced him to Kirk – and when that friend left, Kirk inquired about the friend’s availability.

Rogers: “I think probably people have said it a million times. You know, ‘Hey who’s that guy? Is he single? Is he attached?’ and I knew from that moment. It wasn’t asked in a way like ‘Is he single? Because I have a lovely young lady to introduce him to.’ It wasn’t like that.”

This is actually the second time Kirk’s been “outed” during the campaign – In January, a fringe Republican opponent cited a “solid rumor” that Kirk was gay in a campaign ad. The Kirk campaign denied the claim at the time. He has not yet responded to Rogers’ report.

–Aaron McQuade


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June 3, 2010 at 8:35 AM

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