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Anti-Violence Groups Urging Caution With Hook-Up Sites/Apps

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The National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs is urging gay men to be extra careful when using websites, chatlines and phone applications to meet other men for dates. The coalition says “pick-up” violence against gay men seems to be on the rise, as those who want to TARGET gay men for crimes now have much easier ways to find them. DC group “Gays and Lesbians Opposing Violence” issued a community advisory after the recent murders of two men, both of whom may have been targeted through gay hook-up sites or chatlines. Joe Montoni is the group’s co-chair.

Montoni: “We don’t take the position that meeting someone online or through a social networking application is bad, we just think that some common sense precautions could make the difference for some people.”

Montoni says gay men don’t need to stop using this type of networking to meet other men, they just need to be more aware of the risks.

Montoni: “Anytime you are interacting with someone where you don’t physically meet them or have known them prior, you have to be more vigilant with your safety. Your only knowledge of that person is what they’re sharing with you, which may or may not be truthful.”

The Coalition has a list of tips on its website, on how to avoid being the victim of gay pick-up violence, which include getting a face picture and a verified phone number for the person you’re meeting – and telling your friends where you’re going. The full list of tips is available at, or is downloadable here.


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May 10, 2010 at 3:46 PM

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