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Constance McMillen Now Seeking Damages, Transfer to New District

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The Mississippi lesbian high schooler whose classmates and neighbors sent her to a fake prom earlier this month has asked to transfer from the school – and is now seeking monetary damages for the incident.

Constance McMillen and the ACLU of Mississippi sued Itawamba County High School for the right to take her girlfriend to the prom, and to go in a tux. The school then canceled the official prom. Parents and students organized a private prom – which Constance could attend — then allegedly organized a second, secret Prom, which Constance would not be invited to.

ACLU of Mississippi legal director Kristy Bennett says the school knew about the fake-out, and that officials were at the meeting where it was planned.

Bennett: “We have received reports from several different sources who would know or that attended that meeting that school officials were present.”

Bennett says her group plans to find out exactly how involved school officials were.

Bennett: “Their presence at the meeting alone presents an issue regarding what their role was in planning the private prom, and what parents did with regards to planning two seperate proms. There could be additional reprocussions if it seems like their actions now make it a public decision”

The ACLU not only added the accusations of school involvement in the prom fake-out – but also updated the suit to include a claim for monetary damages, charging that school officils humiliated McMillen. According to court documents, she has asked to transfer OUT of Itawamba County School District, and to finish her senior year in the Jackson School District.


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April 23, 2010 at 1:22 PM

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