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California Assembly Kills Resolution Honoring Boy Scouts

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For California lawmakers, the Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and sexual politics are proving to be a volatile mix.

Minority Republican lawmakers sponsored a resolution earlier this week honoring the 100-year anniversary of the Boy Scouts.

Democrats ultimately killed the resolution after criticizing the Boy Scouts for excluding gays and atheists from membership and leadership roles. The bill died in the Assembly Judiciary Committee, which is headed by Democrat Mike Feuer.

Feuer: “If the Scouts’ policy was to exclude for example, African Americans or Latinos or Protestants – there would not be a single member of the legislature who would rise to commend them. I do not as a matter of principle see that their current policy is any different.”

Feuer said he hopes in the Scouts’ centennial year, lawmakers in other states will reject similar measures, but added that if the organization were to rescind its ban on gays and atheists, he would have no problem honoring the group’s first hundred years.

Feuer: “I think it’s important for those of us who are strongly encouraging them to change their policy among other ways, refusing to adopt resolutions like this. We need to take a step to recognize if the change were to occur. One wants to provide incentives for that kind of action.”

Republicans told Associated Press they were angered – not just by the blocking of the Boy Scouts resolution, but that a similar resolution honoring the Girl Scouts included language praising that group for including lesbians. Republicans said they asked Democrats to remove that language – Feuer said they did no such thing.


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April 20, 2010 at 12:58 PM

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