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Two Women Become First Lesbians to Marry in Latin America

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Two women, at age 67, became the first lesbian couple to marry in South America, last Thursday in Argentina´s capital.

Argentine Norma Castillo and Uruguayan Ramona Arevalo met 30 years ago in Colombia, and have lived together since then.

Both women had to live in exile during the 70s because of their political activism. Argentine and Uruguayan dictatorships were both strongly coordinated with other South American juntas in those days, in persecuting dissidents. Meanwhile, Colombia was one of the few countries that, in spite of hosting the oldest guerrilla movement in the world, had no military governments in the 70s.

This marriage is another step forward for GLBT groups in Argentina in their struggle to get a national law legalizing same-sex marriage through the Congress here. Gay social organizations have been organizing and coordinating efforts for a long time, and they almost got lawmakers to vote the same sex marriage bill last December, but the anti-gay lobby managed to block it at the last minute. Now, it seems momentum is back, and parliament members from different political parties have agreed to approve the bill in the next couple months.

Former Congresswoman Silvia Ausburguer believes that this stage has been reached because of gay groups’ struggle and strategy: they’ve pushed it back onto the political agenda by imposing on the media agenda.

– Marcos Federman, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


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April 13, 2010 at 9:30 AM

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