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Super Bowl fundraisers to fight Prop 8

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While it’s not an official holiday, Super Bowl Sunday sure feels like it. At many gay bars across California the TV’s will likely be tuned to the big game.

At gay bars the Super Bowl isn’t typically an event that has previously connected the gay community, but in California this year several bars and LGBT groups are organizing Super Bowl parties along with Equality California. One bar– The Lark– in San Bernardino– has joined the effort. They’re doing it potluck style, and asking for donations if people wish. It’s their second year.

Peggy Roa: “We’re not asking for any particular amount of donation. Some people give a dollar, some write a check for a hundred bucks. It’s because of the economy.”

Peggy Roa says the money will be used for future gay-marriage campaigns by Equality California.

Here on the west coast all eyes will be focused on the flat-panel TV’s starting at 3 Sunday afternoon.

This year the Super Bowl has been the focus of some discontent because of ads that are and aren’t being broadcast by CBS. Regardless, Peggy Roa, who is organizing one event, says NFL fans might be surprised at how many gays and lesbians follow the big game.

Roa: “The lesbians go and drink beer and really get into the game— it’s a real sport for them. The guys just like hanging out and drinking, some of them are really into the game too.”

It’s estimated 100-million viewers see the Super Bowl. Some watch the game and commercials, some just watch the commercials.

–Craig Fiegener in Riverside, California


Written by OutQ News staff

February 5, 2010 at 4:57 PM

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