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Gays in the Military Group Asks Obama to Repeal DADT in Pentagon Budget

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Gay rights groups are calling yesterday’s {Tuesday’s} Senate hearing on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell ‘Historic’ and ‘a good first step’ – but say there’s still a lot of work to be done.

Gays in the military Think Tank “The Palm Center” called the meeting “a game changer.” The Human Rights Campaign called on Congress to “rescind this law and give the Pentagon the full authority to close the books on this stain of discrimination.” But Servicemembers Legal Defense Network says President Obama can make Congress’s job a lot easier. Spokesman Kevin Nix said his group is calling on the President to include a repeal of the ban – in his Defense Authorization bill.

Nix: “It’s a must-pass bill. It’s the only piece of legislation each year that has to pass. So if the repeal is in there, and it stays in there while the bill’s in Congress, the law can be ended by the end of the year.”

The Defense Budget will be put before Congress in a matter of weeks. Nix says without the President’s assistance, Congress may not act until the military has concluded its ‘review’ – which leaders said Tuesday, they expect will take a year.

Nix: “The only blemish, and it was only a blemish, was that this study has a timetable of a year on it. We think that’s way too long. There does need to be a look at what should happen in terms of how to implement a new policy of non-discrimination, but that should take 100 days.”

Nix said in the meantime, advocates of lifting the ban need to work on educating members of Congress who may be on the fence, or do not yet support repeal.


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February 3, 2010 at 5:00 PM

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