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Prop 8 Testimony Ends With Tough Cross Examination

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The last of just two witnesses for the defense completed his testimony Wednesday, ending the trial phase of this case.

David Blankenhorn heads up a conservative research group dedicated to publishing papers on the preservation of the ‘traditional family.’

His responses to attorney David Boies’ cross examination was sometimes tough to watch as he became agitated and argumentative.

Blankenhorn did concede that it is discrimination to call domestic partnerships equivalent to marriage. He also said children of same sex parents would benefit if their parents were allowed to marry.

After court adjourned, pro prop 8 attorney Andy Pugno said he was impressed with the case put on by the plaintiffs, but says they failed.

“I think that the plaintiffs have established that there is a history of discrimination and there are people out there with gay bias, but i think they completely failed to show that the reason 7 million Californians went out and voted yes for prop 8 was to do harm to same sex couples.”

At the end of all testimony, attorney David Boies said he is confident the court will overturn prop 8.

“Preventing gays and lesbians from marrying hurts people, and does so for no good reason, and you heard that not only from our witnesses, but you heard that from their witnesses.”

Closing arguments and a decision on this case may not come until March.

-Sergio Quintana, San Francisco.


Written by OutQ News staff

January 27, 2010 at 8:17 PM

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