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Judge Denies Restraining Order Against Courage Campaign’s ‘Yes on 8’ parody logo

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A US District judge on Wednesday threw out a request for a temporary restraining order – against a group that supports gay marriage, for using a logo that opponents say is too similar to their own.

Opponents of gay marriage in California are suing the Courage Campaign over the logo on the website the group is using to blog about the Proposition 8 trial. The logo on the Courage Campaign’s Prop 8 trial blog has two women and two children. It’s a parody of the anti-gay “Protect Marriage California” logo, which uses the same layout and color scheme, but consists of one man, one woman, and two children.

Courage Campaign founder Rick Jacobs says the irony of this lawsuit coming during the federal trial over Prop 8 … has not been lost on supporters of gay rights.

Jacobs “They can’t tell the difference between a family that has a stick figure of a man a woman and two children, versus stick figures of a family that has two women and two children, and we though that was very amusinc, and we were actually pleased because we thought perhaps finally they were understanding that there are all kinds of families, and they can’t see the difference, and that’s what this trial’s all about.”

Protect Marriage had asked judge Lawrence Karlton for a restraining order – preventing the Courage Campaign from using the logo until their lawsuit is heard. But Karlton denied that request, in a NINE PAGE ruling – which Jacobs says is rare.

Jacobs: “The judge denied the temporary restraining order with a pretty strongly worded opinion explaining why he was denying it, which is fundamentally on first amendment rights.”

The judge said in his ruling that the Courage Campaign’s logo is “relevant to an expressive parody and … is not explicitly misleading.”

As of Thursday, Protect Marriage had not said whether it would continue to pursue the lawsuit.


Written by OutQ News staff

January 22, 2010 at 3:02 PM

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