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Man Forced Into Ex-Gay Program Testifies Against Prop 8

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The ongoing federal trial to challenge proposition 8 continued with taped depositions from two experts. Both were supposed to testify on behalf of supporters of prop 8, but dropped out at the beginning of the trial.

Portions of the taped depositions of Paul Nathanson and Katherine Young kicked off the trial day.

Both Nathanson and Young specialize in religious studies, and both have published articles voicing their opposition to gay marriage. Professor young is currently at McGill university in Montréal.

Neither offered anything earth shattering, except to agree that religion has played a negative role in the way society views homosexuality.

Going into this trial, pro-prop 8 attorneys said they planned on presenting 8 experts. But because the issue over televising had not been resolved, Nathanson and Young, as well as four other experts dropped out over concerns about negative publicity.

The days emotion came from Ryan Kendall. The Colorado resident gave heart wrenching testimony about his religious upbringing and his parents discovery of his homosexuality.

At points, Kendall held back tears as he repeated things his mother told him as a teenager – “she wished she would have had an abortion instead of a gay son.”

Kendall said his parents forced him into conversion therapy, but it didn’t work. He said he was shipped off to a California clinic run by doctor Joseph Nicolosi.

During cross examination, Kendall said he didn’t meet anyone at the clinic who wanted to be there

– Sergio Quintana, San Francisco


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January 20, 2010 at 4:55 PM

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