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SEC Instructs Disney to Hear ‘Ex-Gay Protections’ Resolution

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A shareholder at media giant Disney will get to ask it to add protections for “EX-Gays” to its anti-discrimination policies.

Ex-gay group “PFOX” says stockholders have submitted a resolution asking the company to include the prohibition of discrimination based on “ex-gay status” in its sexual orientation policy and diversity training programs. A Disney spokesperson told OutQ the the company’s policies ban discrimination based on sexual orientation, no matter what that orientation is.

Wayne Besen from ex-gay watchdog “Truth Wins Out” agrees.

Besen: “Either they’re heterosexual because they’ve changed, or once they get caught at the gay bar again then they’re still covered as homosexuals.”

The Disney spokesperson said the company had told the Securities and Exchange Commission that the resolution did not have to be heard. But the SEC asked Disney to hear the resolution anyway. PFOX said in a statement “The inclusion of ex-gays will cost Disney nothing to implement and would provide true diversity and respect in the workplace.”

Besen said he doubts PFOX’s actual goal has anything to do with Disney.

Besen: “What they’re trying to do is build a case so they can go, they say “we exist, we’ve been recognized by the SEC” and then they can go off – what they do is they go to colleges and universities for example, and demand that gay groups carry their literature alongside pro-gay material.”

The resolution will be heard at Disney’s next shareholder meeting, on March 10th.


Written by OutQ News staff

January 18, 2010 at 2:15 PM

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