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DC Bus Riders Facing Anti Gay-Marriage Ads

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The battle over gay marriage in the nation’s capital is far from over – even though the city’s mayor has signed a marriage equality bill, and insiders say Congress will most likely NOT act to repeal it. That’s not stopping anti-gay-marriage groups.

One led by Bishop Harry Jackson has placed a series of ads on city buses. The posters advocate for letting DC voters decide whether to allow – or ban – gay marriage, even though the City board of elections has ruled twice that such a vote would violate the city’s non-discrimination laws.

Rick Rosendall from DC’s Gay and Lesbian Activists Alliance sees a bright side to the ads.

Rosendall: “They’re doing us a favor in a backhanded way, by putting such an intolerant and obnoxious face on our opposition.”

Rosendall said Washingtonians see right through Bishop Jackson’s bus messages.

Rosendall: “He is a shameless demagogue, he has access to deep pockets on the part of the right wing evangelicals that use people like him as camoflauge in the culture wars, and here in DC at least, it is not working, and has not worked, and it’s not going to work.”

Rosendall said the correct way for activists to respond to the ads – is with ads of their own.

But some DC activists say the ads should never have been allowed in the first place. Colin McDonald of “Full Equality Now DC” says his group is sending a letter to transit authorities, expressing disappointment in the decision to place “discriminatory ads” on public transportation.

MacDonald: “We would love to see an apology, we would love to see that in the future, this kind of an ad would never be allowed on that kind of bus.”

MacDonald said that gay people – as bus riders – should not have to look at ads that call for their rights to be taken away. But, he said, his group is NOT calling for the ads to be removed.


Written by OutQ News staff

December 21, 2009 at 5:00 PM

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