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NY marriage vote spotlights no-vote Democrats

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Gay marriage supporters say even though New York’s State Senate rejected a marriage equality bill yesterday, the vote itself was still a step forward.

Activist Corey Johnson was in Albany for the vote – and says he and others were shocked by the lopsided 38-to-24 tally.

Johnson: “I know that on different occasions, there are senators such as Senator Kruger from Brooklyn, Senator Addabbo from Queens, and Senator Monserrate from Queens – they all had given the signal that they would be there for us.”

But Johnson said the vote forced dozens of Senators who had been undcided – including eight Democrats – to take a stand. Johnson said Democrats were able to take control of the Senate in 2008 thanks to the support of gay rights activists – who will now fight to replace anti-gay marriage Democrats with PRO-gay marriage Democrats. Johnson used the example of Joseph Addabbo, who was elected last year.

Johnson: “We gave him an all-out blitz of support to try to win that race. We assumed he was with us. He is not. He and other Democrats who we thought were with us will now be targeted. We have to find out who we can actually defeat with pro-marriage-equality Democrats, so we can get the requisite 32 votes.”

Johnson said one thing the vote did not reveal is where Republicans stand. He said several Republicans had suggested they would support the measure if it had a realistic chance of passage. No Republcians supported the measure.

–Aaron McQuade


Written by OutQ News staff

December 3, 2009 at 5:00 PM

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