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DC Agenda launches on ashes of WashBlade

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The Washington Blade may be gone, but the paper’s mission continues.

On Monday, they lost their jobs. But in less than a week, the former editors and staff of the Washington Blade put out the first edition of a new publication.

“The DC Agenda” premiered Friday with a self-described “very modest” letter-size eight page issue — as well as an online companion. The burgeoning newspaper was helped by several early ad sales, including a full page ad taken out by the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington.

The Blade had been in publication for 40 years before being shut down this week, after its publisher, Window Media, went into liquidation bankruptcy. Windows also operated gay papers in Atlanta and South Florida. A successor to the South Florida Blade is being launched under a new name by Multimedia Platforms.

D.C. Agenda Editor Kevin Naff said it has been an emotional week. While the paper had been in financial trouble for years, no one anticipated the doors would be locked when they came to work Monday. Naff said the exact reasons for the paper’s closure have not been explained.

In a letter from the editor on the D.C. Agenda’s front page, Naff said the staff was united in continuing the Blade’s mission. And that’s why they hand-distributed the first DC Agenda around the city Friday.

Naff said the new paper will grow and evolve to welcome a more diverse group of voices. And it will continue to cover LGBT political issues, both in Washington and beyond.

Naff tells OutQ News the plan is for the paper to return to it’s familiar tabloid newsprint format for its December 4th issue.

–Matthew Berger in Washington


Written by OutQ News staff

November 20, 2009 at 4:02 PM

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