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Advocate Exec. Explains Big Changes for Magazine, Addresses Rumors

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There are huge changes in store for The Advocate. Following rumors circulated last week by gay blog Queerty, the magazine’s parent company confirmed Tuesday that The Advocate will be “bundled” with sister magazine Out.

Here Media Executive Vice President and General Manager Stephen Macias  told OutQ News that subscribers to The Advocate will now receive The Advocate AND Out Magazine in the mail. Macias said that Out subscribers will have the chance to add The Advocate to their subscriptions, but that they won’t automatically get both. And the magazine’s newsstand presence will be reduced to three or four issues per year.

Macias says these changes are necessary in a rough economic climate, and a changing media environment.

Macias: “The magazine doesn’t survive as a standalone business in most cases. We can move quickly to readjust our strategy based on other people’s successes and failures, hopefully to move this brand foward another 42 years like it’s already been in existence around.”

Macias confirmed that there HAVE been layoffs at the Advocate recently, but it was 7, not 13 as reported by Queerty. Macias also refuted the claim that the magazine is a “sinking ship.”

Macias: “Not only is the Advocate not a sinking ship, the Advocate is going to be growing, and continues to grow with its print, with its online growth, with its on-air television show, and with its Advocate Summit for next fall.”

The “Advocate Summit,” Macias said, will be a multi-day event with guests and panel discussions on news, politics and culture – pattered after a similar event run by the Atlantic Monthly magazine. As for allegations that freelancers were not getting paid – Macias said that the company HAD gotten behind on its payments, but that it is now catching up.


Written by OutQ News staff

November 6, 2009 at 9:20 AM

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