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Gay Demonstration Before Obama Signs Hate Crimes

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Gay rights supporters will hold a demonstration Wednesday afternoon in front of the White House – before the President signs a federal hate crimes bill into law. The event is being organized by Equality Forum – and is aimed at raising awareness of LGBT victims of hate crimes. The group says since Matthew Shepard’s murder, there have been more than 16-thousand hate crimes targeting the gay community. There were more than 24-hundred last year alone.

Equality Forum Executive Director Malcolm Lazin said the Hate Crimes act is a good START to addressing the underlying issue.

Lazin: “The signing of the Matthew Shepard amendment is not the end, it’s merely the beginning. It’s really America for the first time addressing homophobia. Homophobia in our schools, homophobia in our communities, and homophobia in our culture.”

Lazin said the NEXT step is to work toward eradicating anti-gay bullying — Something he says might have saved the life of the son of one of the participants.

Lazin: “One of the people who will be demonstrating is Susan Wheeler. And her son committed suicide after he was constantly harassed because he was gay, and ultimately surrounded in his high school locker room and urinated on. That was a humiliation that Jimmy Wheeler never got over.”

The demonstration is scheduled to start at noon on Wednesday just before the President puts his pen to the Matthew Shepard Act.



Written by OutQ News staff

October 27, 2009 at 5:20 PM

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