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DC Marchers Let the Sun Shine In

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Activists at the National Equality March in Washington on Sunday were treated to a performance by the cast of one of the hottest shows on Broadway.

The openly-gay star of the revival of Hair, Gavin Creel, convinced the producers of the show to make the unheard of decision to close the show on a highly profitable two-show Sunday, and travel to Washington to perform for the crowd — for free.

Creel says he’s seen how it helps for popular performers like Lady Gaga and Jason Mraz to jump on the gay rights bandwangon, especially modeling pro-gay behavior for impressionable young people.

Creel: “If we can get it to be cool, as crass as that sounds — We’re a Google society, people just want to know what to follow. And get really awesome, exciting people out front, go ‘Come on, with us’ — awesome. Let’s make it cool and let’s make justice and political activism cool.”

Creel himself has only been public about his sexuality since he came out in the pages of The Advocate in March. He says if the Equality movement wants to have him as a kind of Broadway mascot, it’s a job he’d be happy to have.


-Tim Curran


Written by OutQ News staff

October 12, 2009 at 4:29 PM

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