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Fury at WashPost puff profile of NOM chief

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Gay bloggers and activists are furious at the Washington Post for publishing what they say was a 2-thousand word “puff piece” on gay marriage opponent Brian Brown.

Brown is executive director of the National Organization for Marriage – one of the country’s most vocal anti-gay marriage groups. The profile characterizes Brown as pleasant, likable, and ‘nice.’

Michael Cole of the Human Rights Campaign called it a “terribly one-sided, myopic view.” But the author of the piece, Monica Hesse, says just because she calls Brown ‘nice’ – doesn’t mean his ideas are.

Hesse: “It’s possible to come across as nice and apparently sane, and have that actually be more threatening, or more insidious. In my opinion, being nice and being right are not the same thing.”

Watchdog group Media Matters blasted Hesse for not including any quotes that were critical of Brown. Hesse says she conducted interviews with groups that oppose NOM, but chose to let readers decide for themselves how to take Brown’s seemingly ‘rational’ presentation.

Hesse: “I think that some readers could read and decide that they found his arguments persuasive. And some readers could read and find that “rationality” to be cold and calculating and absurd and irrational.

Media Matters blogger Jamison Foser said if that’s what Hesse wanted to do, she should have presented readers with some facts about the organization – like, that a NOM board member has called for the return of sodomy laws, and that Brown himself has referred to the gay marriage battle as “Armageddon.”

–Aaron McQuade


Written by OutQ News staff

September 1, 2009 at 10:41 AM

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