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Lane Hudson Apologizes to President Clinton

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Gay rights activist and Huffington Post contributor Lane Hudson has apologized to Bill Clinton for having interrupted the former President’s speech at a progressive media conference. Last week, during Clinton’s speech at Netroots Nation, Hudson stood up and shouted out a question about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell — which Clinton took the time to answer, albeit somewhat defensively.

Hudson says while he’s glad Clinton did address the issue, and did call for an end to the military’s ban on openly gay service, he does wish he could have asked the question properly.

Hudson: “I didn’t want it to be about Bill Clinton defending his legacy, instead I’d rather it be about Bill Clinton looking forward and understanding that his legacy has yet to be set in stone. And that he still has the opportunity to define his legacy with the gay and lesbian community.”

Hudson says even though he asked his question ‘rudely’ – he has it on good authority that Clinton took it well.

Hudson: “Someone who was backstage told me that after the President’s speech was over, that he was kind of joking about it, and was clearly happy with the exchange – that he enjoyed it, and that it’s the kind of thing that really gets him going, and makes him get passionate about stuff.”

Still, in a blog on the Huffington Post, Hudson writes “Please accept my apology for interrupting your speech at Netroots Nation. I was raised in the South, as you were, and my mother taught me better.”

-Aaron McQuade


Written by OutQ News staff

August 18, 2009 at 4:20 PM

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