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Blogger Debunks ‘Ex-Gay Success’ Study

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A new study claims that ex-gay programs are successful more than half the time.

The study was by Stanton Jones of Wheaton College and Mark Yarhouse of Regent University – authors of the 2007 book “Ex Gays?” Their study followed 61 participants in ex-gay therapy over the course of six or seven years, and found that 23 percent reported a “successful conversion to heterosexual attractions” while another 30 percent said they were able to remain celibate. These outcomes were deemed successes.

But blogger Jim Burroway says based on his reading of the study – it proves that ex-gay programs CANNOT change sexual orientation … just behavior.

Burroway: “I think most of the time when they’re saying ‘change in sexual orientation’ they are just talking about behavior and identity. But they won’t actually say that.”

Burroway says another problem with this type of study is that it relies on the feedback of subjects who might be inclined to not report – or even recognize – the real results.

Burroway: “You’re dealing with self-reporting, you’re dealing with people who really do want to change, they’re desperate to change, and we do know that some have actually switched from success to failure.”

Burroway says at least one individual in the study had claimed to be “ex-gay”, then changed their story. He says another 36 dropped out of the program, but were NOT counted as failures, they were counted as drop-outs.

The full study is available at


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August 13, 2009 at 2:20 PM

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