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Gays in the Military Expert Accuses Obama of Inconsistency on DADT

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President Obama has come under fire for his use of “signing statements,” a controversial executive power that allows a commander-in-chief to essentially ignore certain aspects of laws he signs. California thinktank The Palm Center says Obama said he would NOT use signing statments as President. Senior Palm Center Research Fellow Nathaniel Frank says Obama’s use of executive power contradicts one of his main arguments against immediately ending “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.”

Frank: “Obama has refused to use his executive power of “Stop-Loss” to halt gay discharges and the reason he says he won’t use it is he doesn’t want to step in and sort of flaut the will of Congress, and yet that’s exactly what he’s doing in using these signing statements.”

Employing the “Stop-Loss” policy, which Frank said would be less controversial, would immediately halt the discharge of soldiers being investigated under “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” Obama has said in the past he will support a full repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” through Congress. But Frank said that using “Stop-Loss” could lead into a Congressional repeal.

Frank: “This will need to go through Congress eventually, and I think it should be done as soon as possible. But the idea of using executive power to suspend discharges, which he can do, and which he has said he wants done, would be the first step.”

The New York Times reported this weekend that Obama has used signing statements five times during his administration, challenging 19 different provisions of federal statute. Former president George W. Bush challenged nearly 12-hundred different provisions during his time in office.

-Evan Schwartz


Written by OutQ News staff

August 11, 2009 at 9:15 AM

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