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Nationwide Gay Kiss-In set for Aug 15th

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A pair of gay rights activists are organizing a nationwide string of kissing demonstrations in support of a Texas gay couple that was kicked out of a restaurant, and a Utah gay couple that was arrested after kissing in public.

The “Great Nationwide Kiss-In” is scheduled for August 15th. At exactly 2PM Eastern time, writer and organzier David Badash says gay and straight couples in as many as two dozen cities across the country will gather in a public place and kiss.

Badash says the events are not meant to be a protest – they are meant to be a celebration.

Badash: “It’s really simply a response to affirm our rights as individuals – as couples and as individuals – to kiss our loved ones. Same sex, opposite sex, it doesn’t matter. A kiss is a kiss, and everyone should have the right to do that.”

Badash says he hopes the “Great Nationwide Kiss-In” has an effect on people who see the demonstrations and on those who take part in it.

Badash: “We want everybody to see that two people kissing, regardless of gender, is a good thing. Not a bad thing, it’s a good thing. It’s healthy, it’s wholesome, it’s something that every couple does every day, and it’s something that I really hope people will feel even more comfortable about doing afterwards.”

Events are scheduled in Boston, New York, Houston, San Diego, San Francisco, and other cities across the country.  More information is on the group’s website,

 Aaron McQuade, OutQ News


Written by OutQ News staff

July 27, 2009 at 5:00 PM

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