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Permits Acquired for October March on DC – Critics Respond

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Gay Rights Activist Cleve Jones says he’s got the permit he needs to move forward with plans for a march on Washington this fall. Jones announced the march earlier this month at a pride rally in Utah. Jones says the event will be a simple one – just a two hour march and a two hour rally. Jones told blogger Joe Jervis the focus will be on organizing and networking, not gay marriage, saying “This is not a march as we’ve seen in the past.”

But blogger and march critic Bil Browning says no matter what Jones says, the media will interpret it as a rally for gay marriage.

Browning: “We’ve had Iowa. We’ve had Maine. We’ve had all of these states. Gay marriage. Gay marriage. Gay marriage. If you don’t think the media is going to be all over the gay marriage angle and not the generic equality angle, I’ve got some seaside land here that I’d like to sell you in Indiana.”

Browning says activists’ time would be better spent fighting against a people’s veto in Maine, that could take away that state’s new gay marriage law in November.

Browning: “We don’t need another feelgood moment for ourselves. We need actual action taken on our issues.”

Jones dismissed that criticism, calling local battles “an endless state by state, city by city, county by county battle that could go on for decades.” He said “if we could shift our focus and seize this historic moment and get federal legislation, (we) could end it all at the federal level.”

Jones told Jervis he has obtained a permit to hold the event on the West Lawn of the Capitol on October 11th

 -Aaron McQuade


Written by OutQ News staff

June 18, 2009 at 9:20 AM

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